As a woman-owned small business with several strategic partnerships across multiple industries and localities, including HUBZone designation and 8a designations, 721 Government Strategies is determined to provide best value services for our government accounts.

Like a government serial number, 721 Government Strategies is the iteration of the hugely successful private sector work of 720 Strategies, optimized for federal, state and local contracting.

721 shares facilities, overhead staff, and leadership – executed to the exacting requirements of government. This means we utilize every facet of our business to ensure we extend our government clients the same quality and experience as private sector clientele while keeping prices down, budgets in-check, and in turn, acting as good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars.


a firm with a proven record of success providing the best value for Government.


communications at the State, Local and Federal level.


with experts who worked in Government and as contractors.

Our Brand Promise

Clarity of Vision

through a disciplined, long-range strategy that defines success and how to reach it

Depth of Understanding

via deep research for niche and ethnic audiences to understand cultural mores and preferred means of communication

Creativity with Purpose

to support clients and deliver measurable results with a detailed and disciplined plan

Commitment to Clients

through listening and collaboration with the people we feature in our proposal

Quantifiable Results

by measuring impact, not output. We help you relate your success to the resources expended

Our Services

Strategic Communication

Media Buying

Graphic Design

Web Design

Photography & Videography

Public Relations & Advertising

Media Relations


Public Relations & Advertising